5 Key Mexican Cheeses To Try

14 March 2022
 Categories: Food & Cooking, Blog

If you have access to Mexican cheeses through a supplier, that's a situation you definitely need to take advantage of. You can buy some for personal use, or if you cook commercially, purchase some unique Mexican cheese to design entrees and menus around. But what specific cheeses should you order? Here's a look at five key ones that are well worth trying.

Queso Fresco

Queso fresco is a fresh cheese similar to feta. However, it has a less pungent flavor than feta and is not as salty. The crumbly texture makes it great for using as a topping. You can sprinkle it over tacos and burritos, or use it on a salad. Sometimes, people like to use it as a top layer on dips. It doesn't melt well, so it holds its shape when sprinkled on warm dishes.


Cotija is a hard aged cheese named for the town of Cotija. It crumbles apart pretty easily and can be used as a topping, similar to queso fresco. However, its bolder, saltier flavor means it's more often paired with really bold and spicy dishes. 


This cheese's name is pronounced, "wa-ha-cah." It's well worth trying, even if it takes you a few tries to pronounce it correctly. Oaxaca comes in a round ball. It's white, creamy, and a little bit stringy, and it is an excellent cheese for melting. Put a slice on top of your enchiladas, or use it as a filling for grilled sandwiches. Oaxaca is also good marinated in herbal dressings; it takes on the flavor of whatever you soak it in.


Requesón is a really unique cheese, and it may throw you off guard the first time you order it. This cheese generally comes in a tub, and it has a really loose texture, somewhere between that of ricotta and cottage cheese. It's best used as a filling for various sandwiches, wraps, and pasta. Its flavor is mild, but its creaminess is remarkable.


Asadero is a firm white cheese that's not too unlike Monterrey Jack. It has a sharp flavor, and it melts well. You can eat it sliced with crackers, or you can melt it on top of warm dishes. It's a really versatile cheese to have around if you do any sort of Mexican or Mexican fusion cooking.

Give these cheeses a try, and you're bound to enjoy yourself. Mexico has a lot to offer when it comes to cheese.