Why Pizzas Made In A Wood-Fired Oven Are So Desirable

28 July 2017
 Categories: Food & Cooking, Blog

If you have heard others rave about pizza made in a wood-fired oven, but have ever had any yourself, you might not understand what the fuss is all about. To help you understand why pizza made this way is so popular, you will want to check out the following points.

Nutrients Of Fruits And Vegetables Are Retained

For those who like to top their pizzas with a lot of fruits or vegetables for the nutrients that they add, a wood-fired oven is the best way to cook it. This is because the pizza is cooked evenly and quickly, which allows the fruits and veggies to retain more of their nutrients. The longer they are cooked, the less nutrient-dense the veggies and fruit will be. So if you want to eat pizza that is as healthy as possible, you will want to opt for pizzas cooked in a wood-fired oven.

Flavors Are More Enhanced

The even heat distribution in wood-fired ovens helps ensure that the flavors will be brought out nicely. Another aspect of wood-fired ovens is that when pizza is cooked in them, the pizzas will have a slight smoky flavor that many people find enjoyable. This type of smoky flavor is not able to be easily replicated in a standard oven.

The Cooking Process Uses Less Energy

Those who are energy conscious will enjoy the fact that it takes a lot less time and energy to cook a pizza in a wood-fired oven. Since no natural gas or electricity is used during the cooking process, the pizza cooking won't contribute to the deterioration of the environment. This might be one of the main reasons why many people are opting for pizza cooked in a wood-fired oven when they go out to eat and why many homeowners are now having wood-flamed ovens from companies like Wood Pellet Pizza installed in their backyard. They can now make their own pizzas, as well as many other things that can be made in the oven. This makes the outdoor cooking process a lot easier for many people.

If you want to make sure that you are only eating pizza that has been prepared in a wood-fired oven, you will want to call ahead to ask the restaurant if that is how they prepare their pizza for their customers. In the meantime, you could always start talking with various contractors to see who would be able to build you a wood oven in your own backyard.