How To Plan The Food For Your Next Day-Long Business Meeting

5 August 2017
 Categories: Food & Cooking, Blog

Are you the person who has been designated to plan the food for your next day-long business meeting? No problem! With a little bit of pre-planning, you'll be able to give those who attend a delicious variety of foods that are also easy to serve.

Keep Things Simple - Make a list of meals that need to be served. For example, will those who attend be expecting breakfast? Will there be snacks between meetings? Does the meeting last past business hours?

  • For sure, have coffee available at all times. That will be super easy for you, as you can purchase Keurig pods that are not only affordable, but that are easy to use.
  • If you're serving breakfast, consider setting out different types of muffins and baskets of fruits like bananas, oranges, and apples. Add prepackaged juices and coffee and your breakfast is complete.
  • For in-between meetings, keep those coffee pods going. Many people depend on coffee just to stay awake! Of course, for those who don't drink coffee, think about having bottled water and chilled canned sodas.
  • For lunch, think about having a food bar where people can create their own sandwiches. Serve chips and cookies, and of course, more coffee.
  • Dinner time might be the perfect meal to have pizza delivery. Be sure to tell the store exactly how many people are at your meeting. He or she will have the experience to know how many pizzas you should have and even what flavors are the most popular.

After The Meeting - Consider what you think was the best food success of the day so that you can repeat that if you're asked to plan the food for upcoming meetings.

  • For example, if you were having to make coffee too often, think of purchasing extra coffee pots. You'll probably find that there are many uses for them even before the next meeting.
  • Consider working with the same people who helped to deliver food at your meeting. For example, the supplier of the coffee pods you bought for this meeting will help you to determine which new ones you might want to serve at your next event.
  • Think about surprising people who helped you at the meeting with a gift bag that includes coffee pods and things like wrapped candy.

Write down everything that was served during the day long meeting so that you will have a record to use next time, or to pass along to the next person who might be in charge or planning food for office meetings.