Five Great Ideas For Your Upcoming Autumn-Themed Wedding

11 September 2017
 Categories: Food & Cooking, Blog

Brides who've opted to get married in the fall instead of going for a traditional June wedding usually want their ceremony and reception to be a little different. Instead of classic mimosas, for instance, they want a signature cocktail and a wedding cake that reflect the unique flavor of the season. Fortunately, autumn is such a vibrant season that plenty of options exist for those desiring fall-themed weddings. Following are five of them. 

Pumpkin Spice Wedding Cake

Instead of having a traditional white cake, ask your wedding caterer to provide a pumpkin spice cake for your reception. It will present a pristine white appearance if it's frosted in creamed cheese frosting, but it will taste like autumn. To further accent the fall theme, surround the cake with miniature pumpkins and dried ornamental corn, and ask the cake decorator to embellish the cake with candy corn or other quintessential autumn sweet treats. 

Apple Cider Champagne Cocktails

Apple cider Champagne cocktails make an excellent signature drink for fall-themed weddings. Simply mix equal parts apple cider with Champagne and pour over ice. Be sure to reserve plenty of non-alcoholic cider for the under-21 crowd and designated drivers in your group. For an interesting twist, try pear or plum cider instead of apple. 

Carry Mums and Branches of Autumn Leaves Down the Aisle

Bright orange and yellow mums mixed with branches carrying vibrant autumn leaves makes an excellent fall-themed bridal bouquet. Asters and dahlias are other great floral choices for autumn wedding ceremonies.

Get Married on a Farm 

More and moreworking family farms are bringing in extra revenue by renting out their property as event venues. Imagine saying your vows while standing in an orchard laden with ripe apples or pears under crisp blue autumn skies before adjourning to the barn for a rustic reception. Farms offer many unique wedding ceremony and reception possibilities --- you can get married in a pumpkin patch and celebrate with friends and family with fun farm activities such as hayrides afterward. 

Have Guests Throw Fallen Leaves 

Instead of traditional rice or birdseed, provide guests with baskets of colorful autumn leaves to toss into the air as you and your new spouse make your departure. You can also use bright fallen leaves to decorate your ceremony aisle

Your local wedding caterer will be able to provide you with some more inspiration on creating the seasonal wedding of your dreams.