Butter Almond Toffee Gift Ideas

26 March 2018
 Categories: Food & Cooking, Blog

If you have friends or loved ones with a sweet tooth and want to treat them to a present they'll love, consider giving them a butter almond toffee gift basket. Start with either gourmet or homemade toffee, and then fill the basket with other complementing items to create a well-rounded gift.

Sweet and crunchy butter almond toffee makes the ideal gift for any occasion, such as birthdays, holidays, anniversaries, weddings, and even housewarming parties. Hosts will be happy when you show up at their new home with this decadent treat in tow. 

If you like to make your own candy, you can whip up a batch of toffee in your kitchen using ingredients such as butter, cream, sugar, and nuts, or you can find the goodies at a gourmet retailer. You can also purchase the toffee online for convenience. 

Fill a reusable basket, such as a charming wicker one, with the candy, and then add in a mixture of salty and other sweet snacks for a personalized gift. Here are some basket ideas to get you started.

1. Nutty Mix

Complement the almonds in the toffee by including a few other nutty treat in the gift basket. Options include dark or milk chocolate-covered cashews or almonds, trail mix, and a gourmet mix of salted nuts. To balance out the sweet chocolate and toffee and salty nuts, you can also include a package or two of dried fruit, such as cherries, apricots, or mangoes.

2. Chocolate Mix

If chocolate is the gift recipient's favorite dessert, fill the basket with a selection of it. Along with the butter almond toffee, include chocolate truffles, fudge, chocolate-covered pretzels, and even chocolate chip cookies. During cooler months, you can also include a gourmet hot cocoa mix for your friend or loved one to enjoy with the other goodies. 

3. Salty Mix

For a perfect mix of both salty and sweet, start with a few pieces of butter almond toffee, and round out the basket with a combination of candy and savory selections. You can stick with all chocolate or toffee treats or go with gummy and hard candies as well.  Keep the gift basket upscale with more refined salty snacks, such as a gourmet nut mix, sesame sticks, freshly popped popcorn, and sourdough pretzels. Get creative with a mix of salty and sweet all in one treat, including chocolate-covered potato chips or a combination of caramel and cheddar popcorn. 

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