Myths Be Gone: Here's The Truth About CBD

12 November 2020
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When a product or service becomes popular really quickly, there are usually a few myths and misconceptions that arise alongside real, factual information about the product or service. This has been true of CBD, a substance derived from hemp and marijuana that was made legal in all 50 states in 2018. There is a lot of information floating around about CBD, but some of that information is just not true — like the following.

CBD Gets You High: False

It's easy to see where this confusion comes from. People often get CBD confused with THC. THC is a compound found in marijuana that gets you high. CBD is also found in marijuana (and hemp), but it does not make you feel high. It can relax your mind and help you feel less anxious, but you will still feel normal and focused otherwise.

CBD doesn't have any scientific evidence behind it: False

Some people like to think of CBD as a folk remedy or pseudoscientific remedy. But actually, there is quite a lot of evidence behind CBD's effectiveness in helping to support various neurological disorders like anxiety, pain, and insomnia. It is not a magical cure, but to suggest there is no evidence behind it is inaccurate. Scientists have studied CBD and will continue to study it to learn more about how and when it works.

CBD needs to be smoked or vaped: False

Again, it's easy to see where this one came from. Marijuana, a drug that is still illegal on the federal level, is typically smoked. And indeed, you can buy hemp flowers that contain CBD only (no THC) and smoke them for various medical reasons. There are also CBD vapor products. However, if you do not want to smoke or vape, there are multiple other ways to use CBD. There are oils and tinctures that you can place under your tongue, and there are pills you can swallow. There are even CBD creams that you can apply topically to your skin in order to manage conditions like arthritis, sore muscles, and dry skin.

None of the myths above are true. However, there is a lot of helpful and interesting information about CBD out there. If you want to ensure the information you get is accurate, talk to a company that either makes or sells CBD. These professionals tend to be really knowledgeable about the products they are selling and can help you make smart choices.