Different Types Of Bagels To Order In Advance Of A Brunch

13 July 2021
 Categories: Food & Cooking, Blog

Brunch menus can include a wide range of fare, but bagels are often a valuable addition. If you're planning a brunch for family or friends, buying a selection of fresh bagels on the morning of the event is a good idea. Instead of visiting a supermarket, look for a local bakery instead. Many bakeries produce their own bagels, and you can expect a level of quality that you won't find at supermarkets. The types of bagels that you order will depend on a few factors, but here are some bagel categories that may appeal to your guests.

Plain Bagels

Plain bagels might not seem as exciting as some other options, but they're a must-have item for a brunch menu. This style of bagel serves as the foundation to a wide range of fare, including breakfast sandwiches — ham, cheese, and egg, for example. If you're going with higher-end options, plain bagels can still be valuable. For example, some of your brunch guests may enjoy piling thin slices of smoked salmon onto a plain bagel with cream cheese, onions, capers, and dill. Local bakeries sell bagels that are plain, but there are also some related options such as sesame seed bagels.

Sweet Bagels

A selection of sweet bagels can also be an appealing addition to your brunch menu. Browse the available choices at your local bakery to find flavors that your guests will enjoy. Often, there will be a number of options. For example, bakeries frequently sell cinnamon raisin bagels, while blueberry bagels are also an option. Some bakeries even have sweeter options, such as bagels with cinnamon and sugar sprinkled on top of them. Brunch guests may enjoy this fare with plain cream cheese or with cream cheese and thin slices of fruit.

Savory Bagels

There are all sorts of savory bagels that may catch your eye when you visit your local bakery, and buying a selection of these products will ensure that your brunch guests have plenty of options. Sometimes, you'll find bagels that have pieces of sun-dried tomato throughout them, often accompanied by one or more herbs. Cheese bagels are also common; often, there will be bagels that have cheese throughout the dough as well as baked on top. If you're looking for something with a little more heat, consider bagels that contain jalapeno pieces. Don't be afraid to call your local bakery in advance to ask about its selection of bagels.

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